Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Three things he won't do

Show a manuscript to my wife. Write a book with an audience in mind. Use a computer or typewriter to write

"I'm in agony right now," he says, after we are done with hellos. Dressed in a comfortable bubblegum pink T-shirt, beige pants and a broad grin, English author Jeffrey Archer hardly looks like he is in pain. But he is.

He has sent the first of his next series-of-five, The Cliffton Chronicles, to his editor. "I sent it on Friday and I'll know what they think when I get back. This waiting period, it's agony," he repeats.

Archer is on his fifth trip to India, this time to launch his new short story collection, And Thereby Hangs A Tale.
"You get it before anyone else," he says about the India-first launch, settling down at a five-star coffee shop.

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