Sunday, May 2, 2010

Introducing the poetry of Ankur Betageri

Contemporary world poetry, it appears, is a prescriptive ocean in which contending world views are strenuously vying for recognition and relevance. Contemporary Indian poetry, no less, is caught in this agenda of making the human voice to be heard.

Ankur Betageri is a poet born in India on November 18, 1983, whose poetry marks a departure from the predominantly prescriptive into a probing, questing sensibility. Ankur who writes in Kannada and in English, is a trained clinical psychologist and a photographer of great talent even as he maintains a day job as an assistant editor at the Sahitya Akademi.

While Ankur's works bear a semblance of the traditional fare in portions, his approach is actually radical, verging on the iconoclastic. Betageri maintains a playful ear on the fringes of his works, daubing with the erotic here and the platonic there. He is in this introduction represented by a variety both in kind and in chronological topicality. Ankur has benefited from the influence of scholars like Hulkuntemath Shivamurthy Shivaprakash, playwrights like Wole Soyinka, film makers like Martin Scorsese and visual artists like Jayant Parmar.

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