Sunday, May 2, 2010

A trio of aces

He is credited with presenting three of India’s greatest cultural and religious icons—Tulsidas, Kabeer and Vivekananda—on stage. His mono acts, staged in venues from Mumbai to Miami and Surat to Singapore, have earned him plaudits. Meet writer-director-actor-composer Shekhar Sen, who’s completed over 500 shows of his three plays worldwide.

The plays, scripted after months of research, using authentic sources, not just explode many myths about the iconic figures but have even earned flak for Sen.

When he first presented, in 1998, Tulsi, which is about the poet who penned Lord Ram’s lyrical biography Shree Ram Charit Manas, the Ram mandir-Babri masjid movement was at its peak. “Many thought the sangh parivar had propped me up to do this play. I tried telling people it was not about Ram, but about his biographer, an ardent devotee,” recalls Sen.

Full report here Times of India 

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