Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Open your eyes

The copyright law is to be amended but this won’t help the disabled. V. Kumara Swamy reports

Yogender Kumar likes to “listen” to books. For the visually challenged postgraduate student of Delhi University, this is a daily habit. “There were very few books in Braille — at least not the ones I wanted to read,” he says, talking about his school and college days. Then he got to know about audio books — books that could be heard on a tape, a CD or on the Internet. That’s how he explored the works of his favourite author, Munshi Premchand.

Kumar and his friends have found another way to listen to their favourite books as well as college notes. “We simply ask our non-blind friends to record them for us. In some cases electronically available books are converted into audio formats,” he says.

But an amendment (Copyright Amendment Bill, 2010) to the Copyright Act, 1957, may put an end to Kumar and his friends’ innovative ways of seeking knowledge.

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