Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bangalore: the success story of ICT industry

A lot has been said and written about Bangalore, and its iconic status as the “IT capital of India.” With its clear and chronological account — on both the ICT revolution and why it converged upon Bangalore — India's Silicon Plateau gives a fresh ‘byte' of perspective. Throughout his narrative, Mascarenhas maintains that Bangalore's reputation of being a technopolis preceded the “IT outsourcing boom”, which, he says, rode on the back of a “scientific base” established by public sector research and educational institutes in the city.

Mascarenhas does not limit his study to Bangalore, or even the ICT industry success story. He attempts to chart its growth at the national level, offering a historical and political perspective to what triggered the upswing. Apart from marking the milestones in the ICT road map, he seeks to analyse and contextualise the various policy statements on the subject. He goes on to explain why and how India in general, and Bangalore in particular, was able to acquire a competitive edge in an industry, which, he says, is at the core of the technology-led “new economy.”

Full report here Hindu

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