Tuesday, September 28, 2010

‘Won’t arm Pak against India’

If the Pakistanis have any hope of getting arms against India, President Barack Obama squashed it very early in his presidency telling his Pakistani counterpart Asif Zardari not to expect it. “We do not begrudge you being concerned about India,” he told Zardari in May 2009, “…we don’t want to be part of arming you against India, so let me very clear about that.”

Details of the meeting, which took place in the Oval office within a few months of Obama taking office, were among the many revelations in a new book by Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward out on Monday.

Titled Obama’s Wars it has been one of the most widely awaited books after Washington Post ran extracts from it showing the Obama administration was bitterly divided over the Afghanistan war.

The book is mostly about the war in Afghanistan, and predictably lands up talking a lot about Pakistan and India and the US’s efforts to deal with the nuclear-powered neighbours.

Full report here Hindustan Times 

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