Thursday, September 30, 2010

A sneak peek into Ghalib's letters

Come Sunday and Delhiites will have a rare insight into the personal letters that legendary poet Mirza Ghalib wrote to his friends, disciples, relatives and even government authorities.

‘Ghalib Ke Khat’ by Delhi-based Pierrot`s Troupe is unique in the sense that it does not feature the Urdu poet reading or writing his letters.

"Instead the people those received Ghalib`s letters will read them out. His much-celebrated letters are read and reviewed by his wife, Umrao Begum, his maid, Wafadar, and his disciples and friends, including the legendary Har Gopal Taftah," says writer-director of Pierrot`s Troupe, M Sayeed Alam.

"This is also for the first time that Tom Alter is not playing the role of Ghalib in our production. Tom portrays the role of Har Gopal Taftah in this play," Alam told reporters.

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