Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hindi Day celebrated in Russia

Teachers and students of Hindi, both Indians and Russians celebrated the day of India''s national language by reciting poems of contemporary and classical poets at a function here.

Several young Russian students recited their own poems written in Hindi by them at the Hindi Day celebrations in the D P Dhar Hall of the Indian embassy graced by Ambassador Prabhat Prakash Shukla was organised by the Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre (JNCC).

Prof Shishir Pandey, Hindi professor at JNCC expressed admiration at the enthusiasm with which young generation of Russians is studying Hindi.

He noted that there were thousands of common or similar words with common meanings in Hindi and Russian and the Russian grammar is similar to the Sanskrit grammar.

Prof Svetlana Mikoyan, a Hindi teacher gave examples of common and similar words in both languages like Hindi word ''Sona'' (to sleep) and Russian word ''Son'' (dream), ''Prasar'' (expanse) and Russian ''Prostor'' with similar meanings.

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