Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Romantic novels move into new era

They stroll beaches in Saint Tropez, take a gondola ride in Venice in the moonlight, and sip champagne under the stars in Nice. The hero is always tall, dark and brooding, the heroine, smart, sexy and sweet. They may have their ups and downs, face seemingly insurmountable obstacles, but there’s no doubt that in the end… they will live together and happily ever after.

This has perhaps been the formula of the Mills and Boon for years and women have devoured them with relish. For those few exquisite hours, lost in the romance of the story, many women are swept into another world, an exotic locale a dreamy partner, a roller coaster relationship and finally, a perfect marriage.

In an attempt to take a fresh look at romance writing and to launch a new initiative among readers, Harlequin Enterprises Ltd held a panel discussion in the city recently. Over the afternoon, women professionals who’ve loved Mills and Boon books all their lives, spoke about the genre at length. A nationwide initiative was also launched called ‘Friends for Life’, which invites readers to share their experiences and thoughts on how and why Mills and Boon has been their friend through the journey of life.

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