Sunday, April 18, 2010

Not a mere book launch

 It seemed the embellished life of Jaswant Singh – an army officer, a minister, a parliamentarian and an ex-leader of the BJP – stood consummated at the launch of his book, Jinnah – India, Partition, Independence.

Before a distinguished gathering at an apt location, Mohatta Palace in Karachi, Jaswant’s effort at objectively dealing with the controversial topic of partition and Jinnah as the Ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity was met with great appreciation.

However, the respect and recognition Jaswant Singh has received for being so courageously honest to his pen did not come without its share of anger and rejection from many of his own compatriots of the BJP, and hard-line nationalists from across his country. When commenting on his expulsion from the BJP, he defiantly held his head high and said: “There is no price big enough for peace between Indian and Pakistan” – and the packed audience broke into full applause.

Full report here Express Tribune

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