Wednesday, September 8, 2010

About turn…

“I feel that by bracketing themselves as the developed world, the West has bracketed themselves as an elite group that does not need any more development. They are yet to realise that the ideas and innovations that the developing world is conjuring up will enable them to catch up soon and emerge more successful,” says Fredrik Haren, an accomplished author and speaker, who has delivered many presentations and lectures on creativity, idea generation and entrepreneurship.

In Bangalore for the CIO 100 awards function, Fredrik is eager to talk about his latest book, The Developing World that seeks to explain how the spread of creative ideas in the developing world is changing the planet. “Take the mobile phone, it was born in Sweden. Today, the best models of mobile handsets are available in China, India and Brazil. Such instances should make the developed world sit up and take notice.”

He contends that the developed world has taken some steps, such as including the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) bloc in the G8 etc. “They remain shy of throwing out countries that no longer deserve to sup at the top table of the world. They must realise that unless they bring in more innovations and become more creative in their outlook, they will lose out to the developing world.”

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