Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bhagat Singh was set to become a Gandhian: Historian

Renowned historian Bipin Chandra is set to give a different interpretation to the life of martyr Bhagat Singh. Chandra is writing a biography of the revolutionary hero showing that Singh was on the way to become a Gandhian.

"If Bhagat Singh had lived, he would have become a Marxist Gandhian," Chandra told TNN during his recent visit to Beijing. "He was constantly developing and imbibing new thoughts," Chandra, who is also the chairman of the National Book Trust, said in an exclusive interview.

Chandra's views are significant because Singh was hanged in 1931 for involvement in the killing of a deputy superintendent of police. He had also opposed some of Mahatma Gandhi's views on issues like non-violent struggle and the treatment to be given to the Simon Commission. The new book is expected to cause a review of the popular image of Bhagat Singh as a freedom fighter who believed in violence as the most important means of gaining independence.

Full report here Times of India

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