Monday, September 6, 2010

Culled from Nature

A collection of articles that will excite both the amateur and the professional…

This collection of interesting and informative articles on nature and wildlife largely from South India was released recently to celebrate twenty-five years of Madras Naturalists' Society. Aptly named Sprint of the Blackbuck in keeping with its beautiful cover, the articles are selected from the previous issues of Blackbuck, by the nature writer S. Theodore Baskaran.

The Madras Naturalists Society (MNS) was started in 1978 by a group of wildlife enthusiasts and the Blackbuck was started as a quarterly journal of MNS from 1983 onwards. This publication has been a platform for not only professional wildlife scientists but also for amateur naturalists to share their findings and to record their observations on nature for more than two decades.

In this book, the editor classifies the articles into four categories, namely Wildlife, Habitats, Conservation and Documenting wildlife. These articles are collected from back volumes of Blackbuck written by experienced conservationists, wildlife scientists, wildlife photographers, nature writers, bureaucrats and nature lovers. The important thing about this collection is that it includes authors of yesteryears as well as present-day nature enthusiasts and conservationists.

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