Saturday, September 4, 2010

Customised photobooks breathe life into photo biz

The Great Indian Wedding still has all the swish, colour, camera, lights and action, but one thing’s noticeably different: The way the story is told.

Memories of the event are no longer bound to garish, unwieldy photo albums that are later shipped to family. Version 2.0 of the wedding album’s here, and photos are set in slick ‘photobooks,’ complete with visual effects and customised packaging.

The killer application is changing the way photographs are printed, giving shape to a nascent industry. In its own quiet way, it is also breathing life into a dying photo printing industry. You can create a photobook for just about any occasion: a family holiday or get-together, baby’s first year or even a tribute to your favourite grandparent. In the ‘all-occasion photobook’, you get to design your photobook and add captions to make it more personalised.

All you need to do is email the photos, and have the photobook delivered to you.

Full report here Economic Times

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