Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Former financier writes of love in the new India

Former investment banker Anish Trivedi portrays a changing India in his debut novel where coffee and croissants are on the breakfast menu and youngsters earn more than their fathers ever did. Call Me Dan, recently launched in India, is a light-hearted look at the new India where arranged marriages and one-night stands are part of the protagonist's search for love.

The novel revolves around Gautam Joshi, aka Dan, a 30-year-old call centre executive in Mumbai with a penchant for late nights and women. Trivedi, who lives in Mumbai, gave up Wall Street to run a media company, act, host radio, and write. He has written two plays. He spoke to Reuters about his career shift and writing:

Did you set out to write about Mumbai and India's youth?
"I wanted to write about the change that today's youth are seeing in India and how it has made a change in their lives. While earlier generations were amongst the first to be born in a free India, this is the first to be born in the country after economic reforms and liberalisation were introduced. After decades of experimenting with socialism and government control over all aspects of our lives, we now have a society that flourishes in one of the most dynamic economies in the world. As the protagonist in 'Call Me Dan' says, we skipped a generation compared to the rest of the world."

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