Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The heart of Islam

Sufism: The Heart of Islam;
Sadia Dehlvi;
HarperCollins;  Rs 499; Pp 480
Sufism is much misunderstood by both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. While Muslims think that Sufis are innovators in the religion and qabr-parast (grave worshipper) and therefore unacceptable, non-Muslims think that Sufism offers a peaceful alternative to violent face of Islam and therefore acceptable to them. The truth is somewhere between these two extremes and as Sadia Dehlvi aptly states in her book Sufism: The Heart of Islam it is “the spiritual undercurrent that flows through Islam.”

The book is an introduction to Sufism but Sadia beautifully intertwines it with her own spiritual journey making it more personal and also approachable by readers. Adorned with beautiful calligraphy the book is divided into four sections (called books) and a total of 17 chapters spread over 400 pages.

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