Friday, September 10, 2010

Hindi hain hum? Central govt still not serious...

Come September and all central government departments and public sector undertakings remember the national language. It's time to observe ' Hindi Fortnight' and 'Hindi Week' to be concluded by 'Hindi Day' on September 14.

But most of these things are now mere ritual as nobody appears serious about doing actual work in Hindi. The Official Language Rules 1976, state that 90% of the work in government offices should be done in Hindi. A secret survey conducted by an NGO in 2007 had found that work in Hindi was done only by Rajbhasha cells or sections set up to promote Hindi.

Dalsingar Yadav, director of Rajbhasha Vikas Parishad (RVP), a city-based NGO promoting Hindi, says the extent to which Hindi can be used will depend on effectiveness of preparatory measures. "The plan for actual use of Hindi in addition to English needs to be reviewed from time to time," he says.

Full report here Times of India 

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