Sunday, September 12, 2010

Massage fraud over mythical river

Accountant-General got nothing in the past. That means “ago” (AG-O). If this sounds like gibberish, how about massage fraud over mythical river? The answer is … yes, rubicon.

This is the world of cryptic crosswords. Only the sharp of mind with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the English language and the world are eligible. How many such do we have in India? If Vivek Kumar Singh, author of Understanding Cryptic Crosswords, A Step by Step Guide, published by Macmillan, is to be believed, “there are plenty” and “many more will convert” if they follow Singh’s advice on direct clues, indirect clues, deletions, anagrams, homophones and what not.

“This is a book not for the ace crossword solver, it is for those who are uninitiated and would like to crack the cryptic crossword,” says Singh, an IAS officer of the 1989 batch.

Launching his book at Oxford Bookstore on September 1, the author, who solves The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword every day, lamented the lack of indigenous crosswords. In India most crosswords in English papers are from British newspapers and magazines.

Full report here Telegraph

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