Thursday, September 9, 2010

Poetry in a matchbox

If poetry is all about firing your imagination, this one literally comes in a matchbox.

An avid poetry lover in Jorhat is emptying matchboxes, filling them with rolls of poems and selling them for a mere Rs 5 to help popularise Assamese poetry among the uninitiated.

The man behind the innovative idea, Bipul Regon, insists that the formula works.

“Innovative ideas always sell and believe me my messages in the matchboxes are selling big,” said Regon, a novelist himself. Aptly branded Firingoti (small embers), it is also a “great idea for a novel gift”.

“It was in 2000 that I and a friend, Syed Pervez Hussain, conceived the idea of doing something different to promote known and unknown poets of Assam. We felt that poetry was fast losing out to the pace of modern life,” he said.

In 2003, they began collecting matchboxes from their homes and transforming them into “poetry tinderbox”.

Full report here Telegraph

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