Monday, September 13, 2010

Romancing the ordinary

Rajeev Jhaveri's maiden book, I, Romantic has a Keralite character as the woman lead. The south of India has always fascinated him and the book is about to be made into a film, he says

Kerala seems to be hot not only on the tourism circuit, but also on the literary front. Indian writers in English also flaunt their love for the green state in their works, like Rajeev Jhaveri. His romcom, I, Romantic, the maiden book of the publication wing of Ravi Agrawal's Plus Entertainment, has a character called Pria Warrier as its leading lady. Published by Ink Plus, it is perhaps the first book that was written to be actually made into a movie, even before it was written.

Now, Rajeev is involved with yet another ‘Warrier', a movie he is making, a thriller called ‘Warrier K'! Rajeev wrote the story and screenplay of Dhoondte Reh Jaoge (2009) and Kucch To Hai (2003). He has made a few short films too.

The protagonist of I, Romantic, Avinash Rai, and the author share very many things in their lives, like a stint in the army, music classes, a city called Pune, cinema making and writing. The book is all about a guy who joins the army, does not quite enjoy it, leaves and then falls in love with a film institute girl who makes do with a pair of spectacles with one arm for quite a while.

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