Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rushdie's Solan house in shambles

The ancestral house of India-born British writer Salman Rushdie, situated on the fringe of the Shilly Wildlife Sanctuary on the Forest Road area of the town, is in a shambles. Awaiting whitewash and repairs on its tin roof since the author last visited the house in 2000, the house appears to be in a complete state of neglect.

Spread over three bighas of land, the sprawling bungalow, Anees Villa, which once witnessed activity when it housed the office of the state Education Department, currently wears a deserted look and needs proper upkeep. The main gate of the bungalow, which was damaged after a huge eucalyptus tree fell on it last month, needs repairs.

The bungalow came into limelight when Rushdie filed a writ petition in the Himachal Pradesh High Court in 1993, staking claim to it through his counsel Vijay S.T. Shankadass.

Full report here Hindustan Times

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