Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saying it with wit

Humourist Melvin Durai's debut book, 'Bala Takes The Plunge' was launched in the city recently. In an exclusive chat, the author reveals what makes him witty.

Melvin Durai found the process of finding himself a bride so funny that it inspired him to write the novel, Bala Takes The Plunge (Hachette, Rs. 195). “It's hilarious how specific Indians get when it comes to choosing a partner. I remember one lady who wrote in a matrimonial ad that she wanted her husband to be exactly five feet eight inches tall. What if she finds the prefect guy, but… is five feet four inches? I find that laughable,” Melvin says while shaking his head.

Launched at Reliance TimeOut, Bala Takes The Plunge is about Balasubraniam (aka Bala aka Bill) from Madras who wants to make Tamil films with Rajnikanth, but instead is an engineer stuck in the US. His other wish is to find himself a wife before his parents find a conventional fair and “unspoilt” girl for him. The author weaves a humorous story around this main plot.

Melvin was born in Tamil Nadu, India, but grew up in Zambia when his parents moved there. Since the 1980s, he has been living in North America. He presently resides in Toronto, Canada. His humour columns have appeared in several publications in America, India and Zambia.

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