Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sensuous and stirring

It is difficult to categorise this novel (if you like that sort of clarity). Not because it defies categorisation but because it could well fall into so many slots.

Exotic Indian novel peopled by proud clans and impossibly beautiful women, swift swords and sacred rivers; peppered with highly localised minutiae and strange names and words, often unpronounceable even for some Indians? Check.

Epic novel spanning generations and characters inextricably bound and battered by twists of destiny? Check. The classic love story, underlain with bitter longing and tragic desperation? Check again.

And of course, there is the category of record-breaking book. If you didn't know, Sarita Mandanna was paid what is said to be the highest advance shelled out by Penguin India for a debut novel. Rs 35 lakh is the rumoured figure.

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