Saturday, September 4, 2010

Verse rules

All over the world, poetry is something of a publisher’s nightmare. On the one hand, nobody disputes that it is an important literary form. On the other, nobody seems ready to buy it either. Nor is there any popular criticism of poetry. There are literary critics applying one set of standards to all poetry, reviewing each other’s poetry and keeping the circle tightly closed.

But because the subject is so vast, and the styles so varied from the English-American school to the less structured European  poets, such criticism is often lost on ordinary readers. Renee Ranchan’s collection, Untwine the Wind, is not intended to serve notice that she is the next Nissim Ezekiel. Rather, it is an attempt to collect deeply felt, easily accessible poems in a beautiful package.

Untwine the Wind
Renee Ranchan
R750  pp 110 

Full review here Hindustan Times

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