Monday, March 29, 2010

A heady brew

More and more people from diverse professions take a plunge into writing. Here's Mathew Menanchery's first novel

Mathew Menanchery has spent most of his growing years shuttling between his home state of Kerala and Mumbai. Both these places feature prominently in the first novel of this business director-turned-author, Arrack in the Afternoon that was launched recently.“It is the story of an alcoholic, who gives up on life and decides to kill himself by jumping in front of a truck. He does not succeed in that also. The story traces his journey from alcoholic to god man. However, even after this transformation into a living god of sorts, the protagonist feels that his life is incomplete. The novel also traces the factors that result in the creation of an alcoholic,” says Mathew.

The rather intriguing title was chosen by one of his cousins. “Arrack is a very strong drink and is generally consumed only by seasoned alcoholics in the afternoons. I felt that since the book discussed the problem of alcoholism in great detail, the name should be able to reflect the context of the story.”

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