Tuesday, March 30, 2010

‘The next lit fest should look at Marathi works on the Net’

Narendra Gore, managing consultant, IBM GBS, India, shares his take on the Sahitya Sammelan that concluded on March 28...

I am one of those NRIs, who decided to return home and settle in Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra. While away from the country, I got to work with people from various cultures. It was interesting to see how people from various parts of the world go that extra length to preserve their cultural heritage and literature. I lived in USA for many years.

It was easy to access good Marathi books in New Jersey. There are many literary events and Marathi authors and poets come visiting.  My children had a great time participating in Marathi cultural programmes there.  I think it’s a constant effort to keep your children aware of their roots whether they are in India or abroad. I was raised and educated in Madhya Pradesh (MP). My father migrated from Maharashtra to MP in search of employment. My mother knew very little Hindi.

Most of the songs and stories she could tell us were in Marathi. It was a struggle for her to keep Maharashtrian culture alive in the household as our town was very small with a handful of Marathi-speaking families.  

Full report here Pune Mirror

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