Sunday, March 28, 2010

Old man on a motorcycle

His back hurts, his palms are sore, his skin is calloused and pimples have erupted on his behind. Not surprising, for this 77-year-old writer from Herefordshire in the UK has been on the road for four months on a motorcycle. Simon Gandolfi, crime writer-turned-travel writer, is still raring to go and will be on the Indian roads for another two months.

The grandfather of six took 11 months to travel from Mexico to the tip of South America, covering 66,000 km in a Honda 125, after his wife apparently got tired of having him hanging around the house.

“I never argue with her, and so I went from Mexico to the tip of South America,” says Gandolfi. The book An Old Man on a Bike came out of the trip.

Full report here Telegraph

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