Sunday, March 28, 2010

Landscape of contrasts

Chitpore, in Kolkata, during its heydays was home to many literary and cultural greats. Photographer Saibal Das captures its present neglect and decay with sensitivity. 

‘Kolkata is like a huge labyrinthine courtyard where an ongoing theatre performance unfolds,” says ace photographer Saibal Das. This internationally acclaimed visual chronicler has won, among other awards in his field, the UNESCO award and the National Media Fellowship from National Foundation for India (NFI). Photos from his current Chitpore series have been published in GEO magazine and elsewhere.

Saibal sees the drama of life manifesting every day and every hour in the streets of his native city. He observes with empathy and joy the urban landscape of contrasts, the amusing and preposterous, the intense and the moderate, all co-existing in the struggle for survival.

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