Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reading out loud

ASK Craig Jenkins, what his USP as a storyteller is and he says, “I am not a tatha (grandpa) storyteller.I am an anna (elder brother) storyteller.” The UK-based storyteller has been in India since January. He is working on storytelling projects in Kancheepuram, Chennai, Bengaluru and has also visited Pudhucherry. 

His storytelling session at the Full Circle Bookshop is for the Live Book Tour, a multicultural collaboration between Tulika and Vayu Naidu Company that has introduced Tulika’s books in schools and libraries across UK. He read out stories from The Rooster and the Sun, Brahma’s Butterfly, Tiddalik the Frog and The Dragon’s Pearl. There is a unique style about Craig’s storytelling.

“I love to engage the audience by inviting them to interact.I include a lot of contemporary examples in my stories with references from films, music etc. There is a lot of cheeky comedy.And it’s mostly folk that I love to narrate,” he says.Craig Jenkins graduated from the University of Kent in 2007 with a BA Honours in Drama and Film Studies. He joined the Vayu Naidu Company as a Resident Storyteller in July the same year.

Full report here The Express Buzz

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