Saturday, April 10, 2010

Writing it right

Novels, plays, short stories and books on children…Shreekumar Varma has written them all. Divya Kumar on his literary journey

Things can get a bit chess-game like in this writer's study. Novel A gets cut by Novel B which in turn might get overtaken at any time by Play C or even Children's Book D…

Welcome to the world of Shreekumar Varma, the multi-tasking writer. His website lists four things under ‘Work in Progress' (“I actually deleted two others yesterday”) and his output in the last decade includes two published novels, two plays staged by the Madras Players, three children's books, and contributions to a whole bunch of short story anthologies. And that doesn't count the columns and articles he's done for newspapers or his forays into poetry. Or, of course, the projects that have fallen behind.

“It's all very exciting,” he says, adding drolly, “But really, what I'm best at is not doing anything at all. I just seem prolific because a lot of things have come out around the same time.”

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