Sunday, September 5, 2010

The cover story

What’s on the cover can be as interesting as what’s in between them, argues Deepali Singh

Read any good books lately as an ice breaker is passé. Saw any good book covers is the question that’s now being asked. Suddenly, as books change into something that will be seen more often on your computer screen than in your hands in the not-so-distant future, artists and publishers are celebrating a part of the book that may well lose its importance in the years to come — its cover.

Not surprisingly, a recent exhibition on book covers — The Art of the Book — held at Seagull Arts and Media Resource Centre in Calcutta evoked nostalgia from all quarters. Sunandini Banerjee, senior editor and graphic designer, had created digital collages out of covers, merging them with images and extracts from books published by Seagull. Not many who saw the pictures framed on the wall believed in the adage that books shouldn’t be judged by their covers. A good book, the experts argued, often had a good cover.

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