Thursday, September 9, 2010

Delivering action

A not-so-perfect but exhilarating read with interesting characters, serendipitanous twists, unexpected allies and miraculous escapes.

Deliver Us from Evil; 
David Baldacci
Macmillan; £ 5.99
David Baldacci's Deliver Us from Evil is filled with suspense-action sequences, meandering through angst and revenge; romance though, is occasional and maybe, a little sporadic.

Shaw is a kill-agent for an undercover agency officially supported by the G-8 countries, and Reggie the kill-agent for an equally undercover, private-funded agency headed by the meditative Prof. Mallory. While Shaw's agency operates for causes like preventing nuclear holocausts and weeding out international terror outfits, Prof. Mallory's contingent butchers erstwhile Nazis and Fascists.

Fedir Kuchin, a ex-KGB general from Ukraine who was responsible for the decimation of hundreds of people, now lives in Canada as Evan Waller, businessman par brilliance. However his business involves selling young girls from Asia and Africa as prostitutes in the West, and could now include selling nuclear aid to Islamic terror groups.

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