Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jolly good stuff

The book deals with the complex lives of two women who struggle to make their mark in the male dominated world of army.

The day is not too far off when a woman without a fancy haircut and lip balm will be dismissed as a tomboy. She's A Jolly Good Fellow explores the life of a no-nonsense woman, passionate about being in the Indian army in such a way that, towards the end, we don't dismiss her as a tomboy, rather we see her as an emotionally strong woman that we would want to be!

She's a Jolly Good Fellow by Sajita Nair is moderate chick-lit yet inspiring as it is set against the background of the Indian army. The story revolves around two women, Deepika and Anjali, who are second lieutenants in the Indian army and the challenges they face in a highly male-dominated set-up. They are posted near Darjeeling where they are the only two women. The fact that women are not taken seriously adds to their woes.

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