Monday, September 6, 2010

Hindujas cleared by Blair book

If I were Srichand (“SP”) Hinduja, I would rush out to buy the entire print run of Tony Blair’s memoirs, A Journey, which effectively gives him a clean chit over the “Hinduja passports scandal”.

The former prime minister reveals that there was really no scandal although the crisis led to the resignation in 2001 of Peter (now Lord) Mandelson — for the second time — from his cabinet.

I bought a copy at W.H. Smith, the newsagents, for £12.50, which is 50 per cent off.

“As it happened there was no reason why S.P. Hinduja should not have been given a passport — he qualified, and as a wealthy and successful businessman, there was no issue about whether he could support himself,” declares Blair.

Full report here Telegraph

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