Saturday, September 4, 2010

JustBooks upgrades library inventory management system using RFID

India-based library chain JustBooks is using RFID technology to automate its inventory management processes. JustBooks’ more than 160,000 library items are all tagged with UPM Raflatac ShortDipole RFID tags converted into custom book labels by India’s systems integrator Great Eastern Impex.

JustBooks embeds RFID tags into each member card and every library item. Customers use the membership card to log into an unmanned touch screen kiosk equipped with library management software and readers from ThingMagic. The kiosk can be used to issue and return books placed on a designated tray area.

The library management software is mapped according to the library’s layout and linked with inventory data and the back-end. Using additional equipment, the library staff can check the correct location of any item that may have been misplaced and put it back in its original location.

Full report here RFID

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