Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sabha to promote new & old writers

In a move to promote Assamese writers, the Asam Sahitya Sabha has taken the initiative to release books written by new and old writers at special functions to be held regularly at the Sabha’s headquarters in Jorhat.

The project has been christened Jyotimala (bring to light) Achoni. Altogether 21 books were released during a function at Radhakanta Handique Bhawan here today.

Sabha president Rong Bong Terang who inaugurated the event said a language dies but the people and their culture live on through the literature of a place. “Sanskrit today is known by very few people but through the works of Kalidasa and others we get to know all about the people and their times. These works are invaluable as they contain the thoughts, ideas and philosophy of a people though their language may be dead.”

A writer from Sivasagar said the Sabha’s encouragement was a boon as they usually did not find a platform to air their views.

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