Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Busy executive relaxes writing children's books

Coen Reuvers, a senior Philips India official, is busy number crunching during the week, but on weekends he relaxes doing what he loves best - writing books for children as he 'loves to tell stories and dreams weird things'.

'My first book took over two and a half years to complete. I did a lot of research on it. It's a historical novel set in 1590,' Reuvers, CFO of Philips India for the Indian subcontinent, told IANS.

Reuvers, who has spent four years in India, said: 'I love to tell stories. I dream weird things. Writing books is great fun.' His first book, written in the Dutch language, was called 'Stad Van Oranje' (City of Orange). 'It got a good response and is accepted in all libraries. The second edition was sold out,' said Reuvers with a big smile on his wrinkled face.

Reuvers, 57, said he thinks over the subject matter for his book during the week and writes on weekends. 'I would write on Saturday and Sunday mornings.'

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