Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cancelled trip leads to love affair with India

Indophile William Dalrymple said the old world of India has not disappeared as is the case in the Gulf states and that it is still very much there beside the multiplexes and Microsoft offices.

The historian and travel writer told a large audience that Indians surprisingly are not anti-British despite the awful atrocities perpetrated by the Raj.

"There is hardly any interest in anything British today," said the writer who delved deep into the country's past and into the psyche of modern Indians. The best-seller writer of Scottish ancestry has made his home in New Delhi.

Unintended visit
Dalrymple said he never wanted to go to India and had no interest in that country, but an archaeological trip to Iraq was cancelled and he found himself accompanying his friend who had got a teacher's job in India. He said his introduction to India earlier was not very auspicious when his brother came back from India sporting long hair like a hippie, making South Indian coffee and cluttering up the house with papier mâché deities.

Full report here Gulf News

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