Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The creative part of me is deeply unfulfilled: Tharoor

The writer in the busy Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor appears to have taken a backseat. And the minister is wistful.

'I have not written anything in a while since joining the government, barring tweeting and writing regular official notes and missives,' Tharoor said, with a twinge of regret and nostalgia, at the ongoing Penguin Spring Fever 2010 at the India Habitat Centre.

'I barely have enough time to read these days. Sadly, I have left all that behind me. That creative part of me is deeply unfulfilled - caught somewhere between my ministry and my constituency where I have to devote time. I can barely meet the demands of my ministry and the writer in me,' Tharoor told IANS.

'It is no accident that most politicians who have written books have done it while in the opposition. I get at least a dozen messages on the twitter every day from my fans who want to know why I am not writing - or when I will write my next book and what it will be about,' Tharoor said.

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