Monday, March 22, 2010

Cricket, books and more

When an MBA with a regular banker's job gets tired of the routine, he feels it is time to sit back and do some soul searching. “At 35, I was beginning to get comfortable with my job and I was not pleased with myself with the feeling,” says novelist Harimohan Paruvu.

He quit his cushy job and began to focus towards an unseen journey, “my idea was to take up fiction writing, but realised fiction will take a long way to go in our country. Until I was ready with my first book The Men Within which is India's first cricket novel in English, I was keeping myself busy with content writing and copy editing,” he recollects.

Harimohan recently released his second novel titled If You Love Someone. And the novelist is busy doing round of the book stores to gauge the response. His visiting card mentions novelist, motivational speaker, workshop facilitator and management consultant, when asked which part of the various titles are the most important, Harimohan replies, “Novelist.” And pausing for a moment he adds, “actually I am active as all the above mentioned.”

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