Monday, March 22, 2010

A different spin

Cricketer Anil Kumble shows he can juggle the ball and the camera equally well, with his photography book Wide Angle which has some rare shots of Kumble's teammates

Interviews with Anil Kumble usually follow a set pattern. He speaks his mind, as strong words and candour light up the interaction. And when you think it's over, Kumble will shift his attention to the accompanying photojournalist. Soon there will be a discussion about angles, lighting, the clarity of images and shutter speed. Kumble will do a snap appraisal of the pictures and it's a trait that highlights the active photographer who lurks beneath his larger-than-life cricketer image.

And it was no surprise that Kumble the photographer has mined his memories through freeze frames of a two-decade career. The pictures ranging from his favourite lightning bolt across the Durban skyline, to Venkatesh Prasad in drag, are all part of Wide Angle, a book of photographs that was launched here on Wednesday.

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