Monday, March 1, 2010

Fake IPL Player ready with book ahead of IPL 3

 IPL 2 was big; the blog by Fake IPL Player was almost as big. At its peak, during the second edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) Twenty-20 cricket tournament, the blog saw around 150,000 visitors in one day (26 April), each spending 15 minutes on it. Fake IPL Player’s identity is still under wraps, but he’s all set to release his fly-on-wall book on cricket titled The Gamechangers. (It will be published by Harper Collins India). In an email interview, Fake IPL Player talks about his book, blog and IPL. Edited excerpts

Do you have any new plans for season III? 
The book hits the stores one day before IPL begins. At the moment, that’s the only thing on my mind.

What is your book The Gamechangers about?
The Gamechangers describes what goes on behind the scenes of a high-profile cricket league. It explores a world of machinations and deception by the rich and powerful. Kings of Bollywood, glamorous starlets, cricketing demi-gods, business tycoons, everyone with his fist in the pie, with something to gain and a whole lot to lose. It shows how big bucks, bigger personalities, and fragile egos battle for supremacy.

Like the league itself, the book has several plots and sub-plots. An Australian coach conspiring against India’s favourite son, an insecure Bollywood star who will go to any length to win the tournament, two warring princes of Indian cricket staking a claim on the dynastic sword, a self-styled Caesar of cricket plotting his way to world domination. And upsetting the apple-cart is an evil anonymous blogger. The authorities hire a detective to hunt him down and take him to the cleaners. The hunt for the blogger forms a central part of the story.

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