Friday, March 12, 2010

Imaad's new love

Imaad Shah was recently in town to perform in Motley Crew’s Manto Ismat Hazir Hain. Just off his flight from Mumbai, the young actor took some time off to talk about the play and his new found love for Hind literature.

In the highly appreciated play, Imaad had donned the role of a fundamentalist who accuses the play of being obscene. Talking about it he says “The play has every actor doubling up to play about 5 to 6 characters. So, the role I am doing is very small.”

The fun in theatre
Someone who is barely in his early twenties, Imaad is among the few youngsters who seems to be more keyed up about theatre than films. So, what is fun about theatre that keeps him going? “It is definitely the text that one chooses” he says before elaborating, “There are texts that are arbid and then there are the good texts. At Motley, we are in a phase where we are exploring and doing a lot of work from Hindi texts. Texts from pre-partition period when the society was old fashioned and there are a lot of gems that have been written. We are exploring a lot of texts, especially works of Mohan Rakesh, Parsai etc. So, I can say it’s the fun of literature that keeps us going.”

Full text here Bangalore Mirror 

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