Saturday, March 20, 2010

Inspiration’ gone, Vyas Samman comes to author

The news of bagging the prestigious Vyas Samman for his novel Inhin Hathiyaron Se has brought mixed feelings to Amar Kant. While the octogenarian writer is happy to get the award, he at the same time feels that it came late, as his wife Girija Devi is no more in this world.

“The credit of this award goes to my wife Girija. Had this been given a little earlier, she would have been with me to sharethis moment,” Kant told The Indian Express.

Girija Devi had passed away in November 2007. “She had been my greatest critic, admirer and a source of inspiration. I used to discuss the theme and characters of my novel with her,” said Kant, after expressing his gratitude to the jury of the KK Birla Foundation.

Full report here The Indian Express

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