Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kakborok poet awarded

Kishore Mura Singh has been awarded this year for his literary works. Tribal Research Institute of Tripura conferred him the honour ceremonially recently. Dipankar Sen Gupta of Eastern Panorama recently met up with this noted poet and speaking about literature, Mr. Singh says, “Sometimes inferior complex even serves as a guiding force.”

A farmer by profession and now aged thirty-five years old, Kishore Mura Singh is one of the leading poets of Tripura’s second major language, a Mongoloid dialect called Kakborok and has been penning down his thoughts for the last seventeen years.

He says, “We have much to write about, sorrow, pleasure, nature and of course politics and the plight of the oppressed. Our traditional culture has a rich treasure of oral literature but all these are either in the form of tales or songs. The practices of Jhum or shifting cultivation and hunting as the way of life of the Kakborok speaking people have made it such that they were once solely dependent on the cultivation at hilly slopes and hunting.

Full report here Eastern Panorama

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