Saturday, March 20, 2010

No shelf for book on Sonia Gandhi

The book El Sari Rojo (The Red Saree) is selling briskly in bookshops in Spain, Italy and Latin America. Written by Spanish writer-journalist Javier Moro, The Red Saree, is a “fictionalised biography” of Sonia Gandhi that charts her early life in Italy, her years as a student in England, her meeting Rajiv Gandhi, and ultimately her role as one of India’s most powerful political leaders.

Speaking over the phone from Spain, Moro told Hindustan Times his purpose of writing The Red Saree was to write about Sonia’s Gandhi's “destiny” and “to try and follow the transformation of a young woman from a humble background in Europe into a powerful leader of a country of a billion plus people”.

Moro’s research included speaking to people who knew Sonia and the Maino family in Italy, along with her Cambridge University friends. During his research, he did not speak to Sonia Gandhi or any member of her family.

 Full report here Hindustan Times

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