Friday, March 12, 2010

Outsider Films on India

For the April issue (W*133) we took a brief look inside Shanay Jhaveri's new book, Outsider Films on India 1950/1990. Within the 264-page tome, Jhaveri - a one time Wallpaper* staff member, and current RCA research fellow - explores ten European films and documentaries made between 1950 and 1990, all of which take the post-independence subcontinent as their subject.

Featuring essays from a throng of contributors - including Tom Gunning and Jonathan Rosenbaum - the book was designed by the original art director of the Wallpaper* City Guides, Loran Stosskopf.

Bright photographic spreads of films including Renoir's The River and Pasolini's Notes for a film on India are tucked away throughout, but the highlight of Jhaveri's publication is a study of Swiss filmmaker, Alain Tanner's Une Ville à Chandigarh. Made one year after the death of Le Corbusier, Tanner’s film is an examination of the architect’s incomplete intervention in the Punjab capital.

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