Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pink City point

A comprehensive travel guide for Jaipur

Be it foreign or domestic tourists, Jaipur has always been on their priority list of places to visit. So understandably, the colourful Capital city of Rajasthan, replete with majestic forts, palaces, temples and bustling bazaars, has been much explored by tourists. But here comes a travel guide, “Love Jaipur, Rajasthan” which claims to give a new take on the city.

Written by Fiona Caulfield, the 168-page travel guide has eight sections covering the best places to eat, drink, shop and explore in the city.

Caulfield says, “Unlike mass tourist books, using this guide is like being chaperoned by a good friend.” Jaipur, she feels, “is a destination that offers travellers rich rewards if it is explored more fully.

Full report here Hindu

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