Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A poetic rendezvous

She is young, confident and full of creativity. Budding poet and writer J Edeth Maria Garszia, a Class X student of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Naval Base, is getting ready to publish her collection of poems.
Edeth, who is busy with her board exams, took time off to talk to ‘expresso’ about her dreams and aspirations. She started writing poems when she was in Class V. “I started with simple poems based on fairy tales. My first poem was on Little Red Riding Hood. When I read it now I find it ridiculous,” says Edeth with a smile.
Daughter of J Edwin Prabhakar Raj, a fisheries scientist with FSI, and M Emily, a physics teacher of Mary Matha Public School, Edeth was always interested in books.
As she grew up and started reading articles on societal issues her poetry became more serious. “When she finds a newspaper article interesting she will immediately come up with a poem based on the topic,” says her mother.
Awards and accolades are not new to this budding star. She got the first prize in the North East Poetry Contest conducted by The Poetry Society of India, New Delhi, in 2008 and the first prize in the Nagaland Poetry contest the same year. Some of her poems have been translated into Hindi.
An associate member of The Poetry Society of India, New Delhi, Edeth has written nearly 100 poems in English. ‘On the river of peace’, ‘Shadow and dust’, Opulent voracity’, ‘Auctioned living’ and ‘Surreal world’ are some of them. Her poems are a testimony to her command over the language and sensitivity towards society.
When she was studying in Delhi Public School, Dimapur, Edeth published her works in the school magazine. Tinkerbell magazine has also published her works. Apart from poetry, she loves writing articles and plays. She is busy working on her first play, 'Thrivia - A History.' Ask her about her favourite poet and she says it is none other than Shakespeare.

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