Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pustak Peti for lovers of Marathi literature

For some Maharashtrians, finding good literary works can be quite a task. But, Kusumagraj Prathishthan has decided to make their job easier by introducing the ‘pustak peti.’ This is a bookcase that is sent to different localities and books are delivered to your doorstep to be read and returned.

“We have launched this in Nashik and Pune on an experimental basis. Depending on their success, we will introduce this in Mumbai. We send 100 books in one case which are then distributed at the doorstep of interested readers,” said Hemant Takle, president of Kusumagraj.

To draw people into the reading habit, the organisation buys books from birthday donations. The organisation requests people to donate Rs 1,000 on their birthday towards buying books for the Prathishthan.

Full report here DNA

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